Accessories for Fluorescence Instruments - We have a fit for every application.

Accessories from ISS

ISS is proud to offer a wide range of accessories to enhance the capabilities of your fluorescence instrumentation. We manufacture specialized parts for many makes of fluorometers as well. If you have a special need or situation and can not find an accessory on our site, contact us through the button on the right.

Sample Compartments   

We offer a wide range of Sample Compartments, including one-to-four cuvette holders, an HPCell System and Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) Flow Cell. Learn more >


Learn more about the quality of our UV Glan-Taylor and UV Glan-Thompson Prism Polarizers, and Beam Splitter. Learn more >

Fiber Optics   

Learn more about our Chemically Activated Fiber Tip and Fiber Optics, Complete with XY Control and Dichroic Mirror. Learn more >

Microwell Plate Reader   

Learn more about our microwell plate reader, capable of using 96- and 384-well plates. Learn more >


We offer a computer-controlled titrators for use with our fluorescence instrumentation product line. Learn more >

Stopped-Flow Apparatus   

Our veratile spectrofluorimeters can be interfaced to many stopped-flow apparatuses. Learn more >
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