Four Cuvette, Peltier-controlled Sample Compartments Specifications

Sample Holder 1-position 4-position
Normal Temperature Range -40 to +150°C -40 to +105°C
Precision* ±0.02°C ±0.01°C
Reproducibility** 0.03°C better than ±0.05°C
Window Size (h x w) 12 x 10 mm 12 x 10 mm
Height of optical center line*** 70 mm 70 mm
Magnetic stirring Yes Yes (4 positions)
Dry gas purge Yes Yes

*Precision refers to the ability of the temperature controller to hold the body of the sample holder at a constant temperature, and is expressed as one standard deviation.
**Reproducibility represents the temperature range, expressed as one standard deviation, over which the temperature of the cuvette holder may vary from hour to hour or day to day, as measured by a NIST-traceable thermometer. Calibration data are provided with each sample holder. For experiments in which knowledge of the exact sample temperature is critical, independent verification is required.
***Height may be modified to meet specific requirements.