Glan-Thompson Prism Polarizers Specifications

Wavelength Range 230-nm to 2300-nm
Length-to-Aperture (L/A) Ratio 2.5 for the 10x10 mm aperture
2.3 for the 14x14 mm aperture
Useful Field Angle 14°–16°
Extinction Ratio 1 x 10-4 at 2/3 or less of full aperture
Surface Quality Military Grade B (as per MIL-G-174A, dated Oct. 5, 1963, paragraphs 3.3.8)
Type The plane of polarization is at 45° with respect to the sides (i.e. across the diagonal of the square aperture)
Mounting Cylindrical Black Anodized Aluminum, 25.0 mm diameter, with notch indicating location of parallel polarization