Room Temperature PMT Housing Specifications


PMT Sockets E678-11A (for PMT R928 by Hamamatsu and similar)
Frequency Response DC -700 MHz
High Voltage Power Supply (included) from 0 to -1200 V
Supply Current 132 mA of +15 V, 27 mA of -15V
Supply Voltage ±15 V


Control Manual or Through a DAC
Input Voltage +15 V, -15 V on a 5-pin DIN-connector


Input RF Signal Jack BNC
Signal Output Jack BNC
Output Voltage Adjustment Range -200 V to -1200 V
Input Voltage Connector 5-pin DIN

Flange for Connection

PMT Connector Thread M28 x 1 (other flanges available upon request)
Optical Axis 63.4 mm

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions 68(W) x 111(H) x 170(L) mm
Weight 1.15 Kg