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Sample Holders

A variety of sample holders can be accommodated on the stages provided by ISS for Alba. A few popular examples are shown below. For developing a custom holder contact the ISS support department.

Coverslip and XYZ piezo-controlled stage

Coverslip are the most common support for samples in microscopy. The picture shows a coverslip mounted on a XYZ piezo stage. Holders (complete of lid) for using the coverslip on a manual stage are available too.

35mm diameter Petri dishes and XYZ piezo-controlled stages

Petri dishes can be accommodated on XYZ piezo-controlled stages and manual stages. Holders that can accommodate two dishes are available too. They are useful when measuring FRET on a cell; a dish contains the cell expressed with the donor and the second dish with the donor-acceptor pair.

Microwell plates (8-, 96- and 384-wellplate) and XY stepper-motor stages

A computer controlled XY stage is available for applications requiring the use of 96- and 384-wellplates; its operations are fully integrated in the VistaVision software.

A typical application of the device consists in the sequential FCS measurements of the wellplate. The user includes the well to be measured. The software positions the first well on the laser beam and acquires the measurement; then the second well is brought into position and a second measurement is acquired. The entire operation is fully automated and it does do not require the presence of the operator. Similarly, lifetime measurements on the content of each well can be acquired sequentially and stored.