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The illuminator is a convenient source of radiation in the wavelength range from 230 nm to 850 nm. The light is generated by a xenon arc lamp and the wavelength is selected by a single-grating monochromator with a grating blazed in the UV. At the exit of the monochromator the light is collected by a 180mm-long fiber bundle covering the rectangular shape of the slit to maximize the light collection. The delivery end features a round aperture; a telescopic lens is positioned at the exit of the fiber for allowing the control of the parallelism and size of the illumination beam.

The components are conveniently mounted on a baseplate for easy positioning and transportation in the laboratory space. The wavelength is selected by manually moving the rotating dial on the monochromator.

Alternatively, the monochromator can be controlled through the computer by using a Motor Controller unit and the Vinci software; the wavelength can then be selected through the computer.

Lamp Type LX300F LX300UV
Wavelength Range (nm) 350 - 1000 230 - 1000
Nominal Operating Power (watts) 300 300
Operating Power Range (watts) 180-320 180-320
Operating Current Range (amps dc) 10-22 10-22
Nominal Operating Voltage (volts dc) 14 14
Operating Voltage Range (volts dc) 13-16 13-16
Ignition Voltage (kilovolts) 23 23
Beam Geometry - Half Angle at 0/100/1000 hrs. (degrees) 5/6/7 5/6/7
Reflector Coating Silver Aluminum
UV Reflective Window Coating Yes No
Weight (grams/ounces) 285/10 285/10

Radiant Beam Characteristics (nominal values)

Peak Intensity (candelas) 515x103 460x103
Radiant Output (watts) 50 50
UV Output* 2.6 6.6
Visible Output (lumens)** 5,000 4,500
IR Output (watts)*** 28.8 26.8

*UV £ 390 nm
**390 nm £ VIS £ 770 nm
***IR ³ 770 nm

Spectral distribution for the 300W xenon arc lamp for LX300UV

Excitation Emission
Focal Length (mm) 100 100
Aperture Ration f / 3.5 f / 3.5
Grating Size (mm) 32 x 32 32 x 32
Blazing Wavelength (nm) 250 450
Linear Dispersion with
1,200 lines/mm (nm/mm)
8 8
Resolution with 0.1 mm slits,
1,200 lines/mm (nm/mm)
1.0 1.0
Wavelength Accuracy (nm) ±1.0 ±1.0
Reproducibility ±0.25 ±0.25
Stray Light
(Measured at 8
Bandpasses Outside the
632.8 nm line)
10-5 10-5

Transmission curve for a holographic, 1200 lines/mm grating, blazed at 450 nm

Fiber Core Diameter 200 µm (total diameter of the fiber to be about 3mm)
Fiber Type Silica Core/Silica Clad
Operating Wavelength Range 240 - 1200 nm
Fiber Numerical Aperture 0.22
Output Leg Termination Round ferrule (10mm x 25mm long); 10mm external diameter
Input Leg Termination Round ferrule (14mm max external diameter) with fibers arranged in a rectangular aperture 1.5mm (W) x 10.5 mm (H)
A pin on the ferrule sets the fiber in place for proper alignment of the bundle assembly.
Total Length of Assembly 1.8 m
Sheathing Standard Cabling