Innovendia Consulting to represent ISS in Europe

Champaign, Illinois - February 23, 2010 - Highly innovative, fluorescence-based tools from ISS will become more easily accessible in Europe due to the newly established cooperation between ISS and Innovendia Consulting.

ISS, based in Champaign, Illinois, was incorporated with the long term mission of developing high-sensitivity, time-resolved fluorescence instrumentation for research applications in biology, biophysics, biochemistry, chemistry, physiology and physics. This mission has been established over the years and has been extended to include nearinfrared medical instrumentation for monitoring the oxygenation saturation in tissues and mapping activated areas of the brain.

ISS products include photon-counting instruments for steady-state fluorescence applications (PC1TM), for time-resolved fluorescence (K2TM, ChronosBHTM, ChronosFDTM) and for confocal microscopy (AlbaFCSTM and AlbaFLIMTM); nearinfrared products include OxiplexTSTM, a non-invasive tissue spectrometer and ImagentTM for the detection of functional brain areas under stimulation.

ChronosTM is the only platform currently available that offers both time- and frequencydomain in the same instrument. In confocal microscopy, ISS products are known for their versatility and customization, enabling laboratories around the world to acquire confocal images and perform Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) or Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) experiments. Areas of applications include nanotechnology, material sciences and life sciences (e.g. in living cells).

The latest AlbaTM product concept includes the ability to run such experiments with up to four channels at high speed opening new ways into the analysis of complex dynamic biochemical processes, in-vitro and in-vivo. The currently most attractive addition to ISS’s confocal product-line, FastFLIM, a highly sophisticated lifetime imaging technology is unsurpassed in speed and resolution.

Innovendia Consulting was founded by Dr. Michael Steinwand, a professional who has his roots in the life science and analytical instruments industry and with expertise in modern applications of fluorescence.

The new alliance with Innovendia Consulting will strengthen the customer support in Europe and will help to increase the already significant number of collaborations in various research fields, particularly in cell biology, where the demand for better and more sophisticated fluorescence technologies is growing rapidly.

The new ISS office in Owingen, Germany, near Constance Lake, will serve customers located in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France.

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