Press Release - Photovoltaic Applications

Champaign, Illinois - September 23, 2018 - ISS is a partner for photovoltaic applications and development of efficient solar cells. ISS instrumentation is largely utilized for material sciences and, specifically, for photovoltaic applications. The latest paper in this research area has been published by the Jiangsu Key Laboratory research group of the Institute of Functional Nano and Soft materials (FUNSOM) in Soochow University (Jiangsu 215123, The P.R. China) directed by Prof. Wanli Ma along with the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation facility. ISS is represented in the study by Dr. Yuansheng Sun.

In the study the researchers demonstrated CsPbI3 perovskite quantum dot solar cells with a remarkable efficiency approaching 13% and a low energy loss of 0.45 eV by employing a series of dopant-free polymeric hole-transporting materials.

The lifetime measurements were acquired using the ISS Q2 laser scanning microscope equipped with a FastFLIM; data were processed and analyzed using the phasor analysis approach.

Read the full publication:

Band-Aligned Polymeric Hole Transport Materials for Extremely Low Energy Loss α-CsPbI3 Perovskite Nanocrystal Solar Cells
Yuan, J., Ling, X., Yang, D., Li, F., Zhou, S., Shi, J., Qian, Y., Hu, J., Sun, Y., Yang, Y., Gao, X., Duhm, S., Zhang, Q., Ma, W.
Joule, ISSN: 2542-4351, 2018 Sep 10.