ISS Honors Prof. Ludwig Brand with Gregorio Weber Award

Champaign, Illinois - February 7, 2015 - Prof. Ludwig Brand is the winner of the 2015 Weber Award; the award was announced during the Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ludwig Brand is professor at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore where he worked at the Department of Biology for more than thirty years. After his undergraduate studies at Harvard University, he received his doctoral degree from Indiana University. He joined the Johns Hopkins University faculty after post-doctoral studies at Brandeis University and the Weizman Institute.

The main interests in Prof. Brand’s research encompass the study of conformational dynamics of biological macromolecules, especially the dynamics structure of proteins, biological membranes and nucleic acids. He used fluorescence spectroscopy to uncover the dynamics of proteins in time scales from pico- to millisecond thus helping in uncovering the notion of a protein as a static structure but a rather dynamical assembly interacting with the surrounding water matrix.

ISS is honored to recognize Dr. Jovin as this year’s recipient of the Gregorio Weber Award for Excellence in Fluorescence Theory and Applications for his continued contributions to the evolution of the field.