Using Laser Diodes to Gain Lifetime Measurements of Indocynine Green (ICG)

Champaign, Illinois - June 13, 2000 - ISS, Inc. introduces a new instrument for lifetime determinations using Laser Diodes with modulation frequencies up to 600 MHz. The new compact instrument is built around the KOALA automated sample compartment. It is configured for T-format or L-format geometry and it allows the determination of decay times, the rotational correlation times of molecules, emission spectra, polarization and anisotropy measurements. KOALA can be equipped with all of the fluorescence accessories available for the K2™ and the PC1™; specifically, it can be equipped with fiber optics for in-situ fluorescence measurements. Wavelengths available with current Laser diodes are reported in Table I below.

The new inexpensive and compact instrument is particularly useful for researchers using Indocynine Green (ICG), which can be excited at about 780 nm. The Laser Diode package is also available for use in the K2™ and PC1™ spectrofluorometers, where it can be utilized in conjunction with the xenon arc lamp or other lasers.

Center Wavelength (nm)Modulation Frequency (MHz)
405 0.1 - 650
635 0.1 - 1200
690 0.1 - 550
782 0.1 - 530
830 0.1 - 600