Vinci and DATAN: Multidimensional Fluorescence Spectroscopy Software

Champaign, Illinois - March 2, 2004 - Data files generated by Vinci, the fluorescence spectroscopy software used by the ISS spectrofluorometers, can be imported directly into DATAN, the software package for multidimensional data analysis designed by MultiD Analyses AB (Göteborg, Sweden).

Datan, based on MultiD’s proprietary technology, can decompose spectroscopic data into fundamental components. Some of its features include:

  • Determining the number of chemical compounds in the samples.
  • Determining the spectra of all compounds.
  • Determining the concentrations of all compounds in all samples.
  • Determining equilibrium constants, rate constants and thermodynamic parameters.

DATAN opens totally new possibilities to analyze test samples and study chemi cal equilibria, and utlilizes one of the most important discoveries in analytical chemistry during the 1990s.

ISS and MultiD Analyses have signed an agreement for the exclusive distribution of DATAN in the USA in June 2002. ISS distributes DATAN bundled with Vinci, the Multidimensional Fluorescence Analysis Software.