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Overview of SWISS Digital TCSPC

Digital TCSPC is designed for fast FLIM data acquisition and with the unique capability to cover the range from picoseconds to seconds with a time bin of 1 picosecond. Featuring 8 independent input channels, the unit records time-tagged time-resolved (TTTR) events in streaming mode.

Two versions of the module are available: the SWISS-2 unit allows for maximum data transfer rate of 8.5 M tags/second while the SWISS-3 reaches 65 M tags/second; dead time is 6 ns and 2 ns respectively. Decay times from the picosecond to the second time scales can be resolved (FLIM and PLIM). The card is supported by drivers in Windows 10, 64-bit, operating systems. The connection to the computer is through USB protocol.


  • 8-channel simultaneous acquisition
  • Decay rates range: from 100 ps to s
  • Dead time: 6 ns and 2 ns (model dependent)
  • Trigger input from external source
  • Pixel, Line and Frame CLK synchronization
  • USB communication
  • Drivers for Windows 10, 64-bit, OS


  • Time-Tagged-Phase-Resolved lifetime measurements
  • Single-wavelength and multi-wavelength FLIM/PLIM
  • Confocal images
  • Anisotropy measurements (steady-state and time-resolved)
  • Scanning FCS, RICS, N&B
  • Stoichiometry
  • Single Molecule FRET
  • PIE measurements
  • Antibunching

Product Specifications for SWISS Digital TCSPC

Feature SWISS-2 SWISS-3
No. of Input Channels 8 4
Minimum time bin width (ps) 1 1
Time resolution, RMS jitter (ps) 34 10
Dead Time (ns) 6 2
Decay times measurement PLIM and FLIM: from 10 ps to ≈ 3 months
Synchronization w/ scanning devices LINE/FRAME/PIXEL Scan
Data Acquisition (Photon Mode or Time-Tagged Time Resolved)
Feature SWISS-2 SWISS-3
Data Transfer Rate (M tags/s) 8.5 65
Burst Memory (M tags) 8 512
Max sync rate (MHz) 167 500
Input Signals
Feature SWISS-2 SWISS-3
Input impedance (Ω) 50 50
No. of CFD inputs 2 standard, up to 4 2 standard, up to 4
Min CFD Input Signal (V) 30 mV (amplification stages are included)
Non-CFD Input Signal Range (V) 0.3 ± 3
Non-CFD Trigger Level Range (V) 0 - 2.5 ± 2.5
Non-CFD Min Pulse Height (mV) 100 100
Non-CFD Min Pulse Width (ns) 1 0.5
Mechanical and Electrical
Feature SWISS-2 SWISS-3
Input Connectors BNC BNC
Data Interface USB2 USB3
Power 120/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 40 W
Dimensions (cm) 42.5 (W) x 36 (D) x 10 (H)