Side-on Multialkali PMT

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Overview of Side-on Multialkali PMT

The R928P and its extension to the NIR region, R13456, are rugged and sensitive photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) that last for years. ISS provides compact housings designed for both photon counting and frequency-domain data acquisition; they are coupled to the instrument through a M28x1 threaded flange. An adapter for coupling the PMT housing to a 10 mm fiber bundle is available.

The housing includes the high voltage power supply operating up to 1,200 V and requires a ±15 V, DC voltage for operation. In photon counting mode of operation, the PMT housing operates at maximum voltage. In analog mode of operation, the voltage can be changed manually through an external potentiometer positioned on the housing; or, automatically, through the computer.

The frequency response of the housing is up to 700 MHz. In operation, the effective frequency response is determined by the PMT utilized for detection; selected PMTs Model R928 feature a frequency response up to 500 MHz. The radiofrequency signal is injected through a BNC jack located on the back panel of the PMT housing.

Room temperature and cooled housings are available. Cooling the photomultiplier tube, reduces the dark current and increases the dynamic range. ISS offers a cooled photomultiplier tube recommended for use in photon counting detection when a high instrument sensitivity is required. The housing is cooled by a thermoelectric element which allows the temperature to be set as low as -28 °C.

Product Specifications for Side-on Multialkali PMT

Quantum Efficiency of Various PMTs vs. Wavelength

ISS part no. R928P R13456
Wavelength range (nm) 185 - 900 185 - 980
Peak sensitivity wavelength 400 400
Quantum efficiency 24% @ 400 nm 12% @ 800 nm
Dark counts (cooled version) (c/s @ T=30) < 100 < 150
Effective area diameter (mm) 8 x 24 8 x 24
Transit Time Spread (FWHM, typ. Value) 1,200 ps 1,400 ps
Rise time (ns) 2,200
Max Count rate > 10 MHz

Signal Input

Supply Current
  • 132 mA of +15 V, 27 mA of -15V
Supply Voltage
  • ±15 V
  • 5-PIN DIN
  • Manual or through a DAC

RF Input

Max Amplitude
  • +13 V pp
  • BNC

Signal Output

  • Negative
Frequency Response
  • DC - 500 MHz
  • BNC


Coupling Flange
  • M28 x 1
Temperature Control (for cooled housing only)
  • Through a Peltier element down to -28 °C


Room PMT housing
  • 2.5 kg
Cooled PMT housing
  • 4.8 kg

Weight (kg)

Room Temperature PMT Housing
  • 2.5
Cooled PMT Housing
  • 4.8

Measurements for Side-on Multialkali PMT

Steady-state Fluorescence
Time-resolved Fluorescence (Frequency Domain)
Particle Counting
Diffuse Optical Tomography