Single Photon Counting Modules(SPADs)

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Overview of Single Photon Counting Modules

The Single Photon Counting Module by Excelitas Technologies feature a 180 µm-diameter active area and a wavelength range form 400 nm to 1100 nm. The peak QE is > 70% at 700 nm. The photodiode is both thermally cooled and temperature-controlled ensuring stable operations between 5 °C and 60 °C. A TTL level pulse is generated for each photon detected. Six different options are available featuring dark counts from 25 counts/sec to 1500 counts/sec.

Product Specifications for Single Photon Counting Modules

Photon Detection Efficiency of Various SPAD models vs. Wavelength

Wavelength Range (nm) 400 - 1060 400 - 1060
Peak Sensitivity Wavelength (nm) 650 650
Quantum Efficiency 70% at 650 nm 70% at 650 nm
Dark Counts (cooled version) (c/s @ T=30) 7 versions: from 25 c/s to 1500 c/s 5 versions: from 100 c/s to 1500 c/s
Effective Area Diameter (µm) 180 180
Transit Time Spread (FWHM, typ. Value) 350 ps 225 ps
Max Count Rate 12M c/s  

Measurements for Single Photon Counting Modules

Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy
Time-resolved Fluorescence
Particle Counting