Galvo Scanning Mirrors Module

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Overview of Galvo Scanning Mirrors Module

Ideal for two-photon excitation microscopy, the Galvo Scanning Mirrors Module offers the best approach for fast imaging acquisition in laser scanning microscopy combined with the lowest jitter when stopped at an XY location.

The two-axis Galvo Scanning Mirrors are housed in a unit that can be utilized as a basic component for building a variety of custom instruments. The unit includes a rotating filter wheel, descanning lens, and two computer-controlled shutters. Up to four dichroic filters can be installed to separate the excitation radiation from the fluorescence; filter selection is through the software. The mirrors, 5 x 5 mm, are coated to cover the range 250 - 450 nm (UV-enhanced Al coating) or the range 375 - 800 nm (broadband dielectric coating). The unit, complete with driving electronics and power supply, is controlled through the 3-axis card by the VistaVision software.


Key component of custom built 2-photon Laser Scanning Microscope (for using 1-photon excitation, select the version with the pinhole)

Product Specifications for Galvo Scanning Mirrors Module


  • 110/240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • USB
Laser Port
  • One (Free air)
Output Port
  • One
  • Four with automated filter wheel
Dimensions (cm)
  • 33 x 33 x 14
Weight (kg)
  • 9.5

Galvo Mirrors

Mirrors dimensions
  • 5 x 5 mm
Mirrors coating optimal ranges
  • UV enhanced Al: 250 - 450 nm
  • Broadband dielectric: 375 - 800 nm
Rated Angular Excursion
  • 40°
Rotor Inertia
  • (0.125 ± 10%) gm • cm2
Torque Constant
  • (6.17 x 104 ± 10%) dyn • cm/A
Maximum Coil Temperature
  • 110 °C
Coil Resistance
  • (2.79 ± 10%) Ω
Coil Inductance
  • (180 ± 10%) µH
Back EMF Voltage
  • (108 ± 10%) µV/deg/s
Current, RMS
  • 3.9 A, Maximum
Current, Peak
  • 20 A, Maximum
Small Angle Step Response
  • 200 µs, with appropriate CTI Y mirror
  • Over 99.9%, minimum, over 40° optical
Scale Drift
  • 50 PPM/°C, Maximum
Zero Drift
  • 15 microradians/°C, Maximum
  • 8 microradians, Maximum
Output Signal, Common Mode
  • 155 A, with AGC Voltage of 30mA, ±20%
Output Signal, Differential Mode
  • 11.7 µA/deg, with Common Mode of 155A, ±20%

Descanning Lens

Transmission Curve
  • Plot of transmission vs wavelength of antireflective coating
  • It is a high aperture laser objective achromatic system (f = 60 mm, NA = 0.19) made of a cemented achromat and aplanatic meniscus lens with a 40 mm diameter. The lens features an anti-reflection ARB2-line coating.