Animal Sensor

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Overview of Animal Sensor

The animal sensor is for research on small animals (rats, rabbits, pigs, etc.). The sensor consists of a black plastic baseplate, eight 400 µm-diameter core emitter fibers and a collecting 3 mm-diameter fiber bundle. The fiber tips are inserted through the holes in the plastic baseplate; the protruding fiber tips length is easily adjusted to fit the shape of the sample. A rubber gasket holds the fibers in place and provides a spring-like tension to the fibers. The emitter fibers are filtered to balance optical intensity at the detector for a specific range of emitter-detector distances. To block the direct reflection of the light, a replaceable, black, foam rubber strip is placed on the bottom of the sensor between the detector input and emitter output tips.

Compatible with OxiplexTS.

Key Characteristics of Animal Sensor

  • Standard fiber length 2.5 m
  • Emitter-detector range is 7 mm to 31 mm with holes located in 3 mm increments
  • Fiber bundle can be customized with either 600 μm-diameter or 1000 µm-diameter solid core fibers
  • Baseplate dimensions 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm

Key Features of Animal Sensor

  • Direct customization to the emitter-detector distances
  • Versatile for general investigational use