Universal Headgear

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Overview of Universal Headgear

Universal headgear allows for the positioning of fibers on the whole head or just an area of interest. The signal from the sources located closer to the detector fibers probe the superficial layer; the signal detected from further distances from the detector bundle probe a deeper region. Therefore, it is possible to separate the contribution of the different layers to the signal. The headgear provides several emitter-detector distances and a variety of montages for disparate applications.

Compatible with Imagent.

Key Features of Universal Headgear

  • Low profile, very flexible, comfortable
  • Many emitter-detector positions available
  • Inline detector/emitter geometry maximizes overlap of sample tissue
  • Allows measurements on curved surfaces

Key Characteristics of Universal Headgear

  • Pad is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate
  • Fibers are 2.5 m
  • 400 µm emitter fibers with 3 mm fiber detector bundles