Acousto-optic Tunable Filter (AOTF)

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Overview of Acousto-optic Tunable Filter (AOTF)

The AOTF module is designed for selecting up to 8 independent laser wavelengths simultaneously from a supercontinuum laser source and setting the individual intensity of each wavelength. It is controlled by computer through USB connection. The blanking function is provided for the on/off RF modulation of the laser intensity by an external TTL clock up to 1 MHz; this utility enables many applications such as PLIM (Phosphorescence Lifetime Imaging), FRAP (Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching) and ALEX (Alternative Excitation). By default, the supercontinuum laser is split inside the AOTF unit into two beams-VIS and NIR-and only the VIS beam goes through the AO. The AOTF module features two outputs for VIS and NIR respectively-both can be configured as free space or fiber coupled. A filter (25 mm diameter circular) slot is available for each beam path to further clean up the VIS laser wavelength after the AO or to select a particular NIR laser wavelength.  

Compatible with Q2, and PL1.

Product Specifications for Acousto-optic Tunable Filter (AOTF)

Input port
  • 1
Output ports
  • 2 - VIS (through the AO) and NIR
Output beam
  • Free space or fiber coupled
Optical Wavelength Range
  • 450 - 700 nm (400 - 650 nm, optional)
Number of lines
  • Up to 8 independently or simultaneously
Optical Transmission
  • > 95%
Input/Output Polarization
  • Linear ⊥ - Linear //
Active Aperture
  • 3 x 3 mm²
Optical Extinction Ratio
  • > 50 dB
Spectral Resolution (FWHM)
  • < 1.5 nm
Operating Temperature
  • +10°C to +40°C (non-condensing)
Rise/Fall time
  • 1 µs/mm
RF Modulation
  • TTL up to 1MHz, SMA
  • USB
Dimensions (mm)
  • 308 (L) x 184 (W) x 62 (H)