Two-Channel Acquisition Unit

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Overview of Two-Channel Acquisition Unit

The Two-Detectors Unit (TDU) provides automation in the selection of filters and dichroics in front of the two detectors. The fluorescence light is brought to the unit from the confocal head of the microscope by using a multimode fiber (50 - 100 µm diameter) with FC connector.

At the entrance of the unit the light is split by a dichroic filter. A computer-controlled filterwheel mounting up to five dichroic allows for the fast switching between the dichroic. The light is directed into each channel equipped with a five-position filterwheel; a shutter is positioned in front of each detector protected by an overload circuitry. Communication is through the USB protocol.

The unit is used as a stand-alone in custom-built systems or in the FLIM/FFS Upgrade Kits of Laser Scanning Microscopes.

Compatible with Q2, and PL1.

Detectors models

Model Detector Type Quantum Efficiency Wavelength Range (nm)
SPCM-AQR-15 SPAD 0.65 at 650 nm 400 - 1060
PDM SPAD 0.49 at 550 nm 400 - 900
H7422P-40 PMT 0.40 at 580 nm 300 - 720
H7422P-50 PMT 0.12 at 800 nm 380 - 890
R10467U-40 Hybrid PMT 0.45 at 500 nm 300 - 720
R10467U-50 Hybrid PMT 0.14 at 800 nm 380 - 890

Product Specifications for Two-Channel Acquisition Unit

Number of channels/detectors
  • 2
Detectors Types
  • APDs, GaAs PMTs, hybrid detectors
Entrance Dichroic Filter Wheel
  • Holding up to 5 dichroics, 25 mm diameter
Filter Wheels
  • Two computer-controlled filter wheels, each holding up to 5 filters, 25mm-diameter
  • Two computer-controlled shutters each in front of a detector
Computer Control
  • USB
  • 110/240 V
  • TBD
Weight (kg)
  • TBD