Non Descanned Detection (NDD) Port

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Overview of Non Descanned Detection (NDD) Port

Detection through the Non Descanned Detection Port (NDD) is used in conjunction with multiphoton excitation; the fluorescence photons generated in the excitation spot of the laser are scattered back and collected right after the objective (without passing through the optics in the scanning path).

The figure displays the NDD port on the Nikon Model Ti microscope coupled to the Alba. A raiser is introduced on the Nikon microscope above the epifluorescence port for connecting the NDD port and adding the filters cartridge where the dichroic filters for the NDD detection are inserted. The detectors are mounted on an orthogonal mount complete with dichroic and filter holders. The NDD port uses either GaAs PMTs or hybrid detectors. The output of the detectors is diverted to the data acquisition unit.

Compatible with Alba STED, Alba v5, Q2, and PL1.