T-PMTFor Transmission Recording

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Overview of T-PMT

T-PMT is a transmitted detection module with a photon counting PMT that works with inverted microscopes.

A transmitted light detector is used to collect light passing through the specimen using a photon-counting PMT. The module is installed in front of the microscope transmission illumination lamp and features a manual slider for selecting between the PMT and the lamp illumination.

When combined with the laser scanning image acquisition, the transmitted PMT provides images of the specimen in the transmission illumination mode with great contrast and high sensitivity. It can be used in most transmitted light microscopy modes, such as phase contrast, DIC, dark field or polarized light. More importantly, the transmitted light images and confocal epifluorescence images (intensity & lifetime) can be acquired simultaneously using the same illumination beam, ensuring that all of the images are in registration.

Compatible with Alba STED, Alba v5, Q2, and PL1.

Product Specifications for T-PMT

Detection Wavelength Range
  • 300 - 850 nm
Dark Count
  • 100 /s
Count Linearity
  • 5 x 106
Input voltage
  • 4.75 – 5.25 V
Max input voltage
  • 6 V
Max input current
  • 40 mA
Pulse-pair resolution
  • 20 ns
Output pulse width
  • 10 ns
Output pulse height (50 Ω)
  • 2.2 V
Operating ambient temperature
  • +5 to +50 °C
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