Microwell Plate Reader

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Overview of Microwell Plate Reader

The microwell plate reader allows for the detection of fluorescence signal of samples housed in microwell plates (microplates, microtiter plates). It is ideal for the experiments requiring the repetition of a measurement protocol of a large number of samples.

The microwell plate reader is easily coupled to the fluorometers as a replacement for the regular cuvette sample holder. The accessory can be used for steady-state, frequency-domain lifetime acquisition and time-domain lifetime acquisition with PC1, ChronosFD and ChronosBH fluorometers. The holder is compatible with the 96-well format microplate (matrix of 8 by 12 wells), that has a typical sample volume in the range from 100 to 200 microliters per well.

The excitation light is brought to the microwell plate by using a fiber bundle coupled to the excitation channel of the spectrofluorometer; the fluorescence is collected and diverted to the emission channel by a separate fiber bundle. The microwell plate is housed onto a computer-controlled XY stage holder that positions each well; the user can select a sequential measurement of each well or simply select the wells to be measured. The unit is controlled through the USB port of the computer.

Compatible with ChronosBH, ChronosDFD, and PC1.

Product Specifications for Microwell Plate Reader

Microwell Plates Format
  • 96
Sample Excitation
  • From the top
Fluorescence Collection
  • From the bottom
Fiber bundles diameter (mm)
  • 3
Fiber bundles length (m)
  • 2
Positioning Resolution of the Fiber Over the Wells
  • 100 µm
Cell-to-cell Speed [from A(x) to A(x+1)]
  • < 2 s
Speed from A1 to A12 (stopping at each cell between)
  • ≈ 34 s
AC Input
  • 90 - 264 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz single phase
Max Power
  • 2.4 W

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