Dewar Flask

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Overview of Dewar Flask

For cryogenic studies, ISS offers a Dewar sample compartment for both steady-state and lifetime instrumentation. The Dewar features:

  • Three (3) quartz windows with a transmission range of 180 - 2600 nm
  • A low temperature cuvette holder
  • A cuvette extraction/insertion rod
  • One fill of liquid nitrogen will last up to 4 - 5 hours.
Compatible with ChronosBH, ChronosDFD, and PC1.

Product Specifications for Dewar Flask

Height (mm)
  • 254
Internal diameter (mm)
  • 25
Volume (ml)
  • 124.7
Duration of N2 filling
  • up to 4-5 hrs
Windows wavelength range (nm)
  • 200 – 2,000
Windows dimensions (mm)
  • 25