Integrating Sphere

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Overview of Integrating Sphere

The Integrated Sphere fits into the sample compartment of the ISS spectrofluorometer; sample holders for inserting solid samples and cuvettes are available.

Compatible with ChronosBH, ChronosDFD, and PC1.

Product Specifications for Integrating Sphere

Coating material effective reflectance spectral range (nm)
  • 185 - 2400
Sample holder accommodation
  • Cuvettes, slides, films
Diameter of Sphere (mm)
  • 102
Diameter of 0° Port (mm)
  • 50.8
Diameter of Port 2 (mm)
  • 25.4
Diameter of Port 3 (mm)
  • 25.4
Mounting Threads
  • 1/4-20
Net weight (kg)
  • 1.45