One-Cuvette Peltier Sample Compartment

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Overview of One-Cuvette Peltier Sample Compartment

Two versions of the 1-cuvette Peltier sample compartment are available: the standard model controls the temperature from -40 °C to +105 °C, while the extended range model controls the temperature from -40 °C to +150 °C. It holds a standard 12.5 x 12.5 mm cuvette although adapters are available for smaller dimension cuvettes. The optical axis is 8.5 mm from the bottom.

Compatible with ChronosBH, ChronosDFD, and PC1.

Product Specifications for One-Cuvette Peltier Sample Compartment

Normal Temperature Range
  • -40 to 150 °C
  • ±0.02 °C
  • 0.03 °C
Window Size (h x w)
  • 12 x 10 mm
Height of optical center line***
  • 70 mm
Magnetic stirring
  • Yes
Dry gas purge
  • Yes
  • Refers to the ability of the temperature controller to hold the body of the sample holder at a constant temperature, and is expressed as one standard deviation.
  • Represents the temperature range, expressed as one standard deviation, over which the temperature of the cuvette holder may vary from hour to hour or day to day, as measured by a NIST-traceable thermometer. Calibration data are provided with each sample holder. For experiments in which knowledge of the exact sample temperature is critical, independent verification is required.
  • May be modified to meet specific requirements.
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