Variable-Angle, Front Surface Sample Compartment

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Overview of Variable-Angle, Front Surface Sample Compartment

The Variable-angle Front Surface Accessory is designed to facilitate the measurements on solid samples and, in general, for the study of scattering samples and/or high absorption samples, where the emitted fluorescence has to be collected from the same side of the incoming excitation light.

Several holders are available to accommodate a variety of samples (thin films, powders). The sample holder can be set at fixed angles between the excitation optical axis and the perpendicular to the sample surface.

The accessory is equipped with wires to apply an external voltage (< 100 V) to the sample (EL). Alternatively, when the electrodes are connected to a photovoltaic cell, they are used to monitor the current generated by the excitation source using an external source-meter or the PicoAmpere unit by ISS.

Compatible with ChronosBH, ChronosDFD, and PC1.