Double Syringe Titrator

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Overview of Double Syringe Titrator

The two-syringe titrator allows for more sophisticated applications. Each syringe works independently with the option of synchronized dispensing. For instance, the solution from the cuvette can be kept at a set volume, or the device can be used for continuous dispensing to minimize the waiting time for the syringe to refill between dispenses. The two-syringe titrator is built and supplied by Hamilton Company (Reno, NV); its control is fully integrated into the Vinci software used by the ISS spectrofluorometers.

Compatible with ChronosBH, ChronosDFD, and PC1.

Product Specifications for Double Syringe Titrator

Syringe type
  • Hamilton
Syringe volume range
  • 10 µL - 50 mL
Dimensions (mm)
  • 178 (W) x 140 (D) x 267 (H)
  • Excluding the controller
Power requirements
  • 100/240 VAC