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Data Tables

Fluorescence Quantum Yield Standards

The most frequently used method of determining the quantum yield of a fluorophore is by comparison with a standard of known quantum yield. The table of quantum yield standards lists dyes that are frequently used as standards in such relative quantum yield measurements.

Quantum Yield [Q.Y.] Standards Q.Y.[%] Conditions for Q.Y. Measurement Excitation [nm] Ref.
Cy3 4PBS5401
Cy5 27PBS6201
Cresyl Violet 53Methanol5802
Fluorescein 950.1 M NaOH, 22°C4962
POPOP 97Cyclohexane3002
Quinine Sulfate 580.1 M H2SO4, 22°C3502
Rhodamine 101 100Ethanol4503
Rhodamine 6G 95Water4883
Rhodamine B 31Water5143
Tryptophan 13Water, 20°C2802
L-Tyrosine 14Water2752

PBS = phosphate-buffered saline
POPOP = 1, 4-bis(5-phenyloxazole-2-yl)benzene


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